2020 - 1st edition

This was a challenge I gave myself to better learn the functions and capabilities in 3D space specifically C4D Lite. In the future I'm looking to complete the official 36 Days of Type challenge by Adobe that lets you share your view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet. It is hosted by @36daysoftype on Instagram.

The theme for this project for me was very much "learn how to make it". My mission was to gain applicable knowledge with every letter through online education and most importantly daily practice so that by the end of the process I'd be able to create whatever I wanted to. Through this process I made a point to explore a wide range of C4D Lite components to create a general knowledge base for myself which is hopefully evident in my renders.

By the end of this process I became comfortable with basic modeling, texturing, and lighting in C4D Lite. I'm not were I what to be yet, but I'm proud of my progress thus far.
I enjoyed myself during the challenge and I was so happy towards the end when I was able to create original concepts from scratch. Hope you'll enjoy my work!